We help you make custom animated videos

Want to make an explainer video? An infographic or video white paper? If you need to make a custom animation, we're here to help.


Animation is the best way to communicate online

Video Igniter takes away all the hassles of producing custom animated video content so your sales and marketing teams can easily produce high-converting marketing and sales collateral.

Why's this better than the DIY/Freelancer/Hire-a-Studio option?


Better than a Traditional Studio

Our ability to collaborate with you through the Internet enables us to offer top-tier production services around the world while helping you keep your production costs down.

We do all the Work for You

We do all the work producing the script, storyboard, voice, and custom art for your video and present them online through our website to make it easy for you send us revision notes & track production.

Everything you need in One Place

We have the world's best animators, designers, voice actors and creatives on our side. Whatever you imagine, we have the resources to create it.

Live Production Support

Need help now? You can always speak with a production manager instantly via live chat on every page.

Custom Production Proposals

Want to figure out what it will cost to produce your video(s)?

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Want to learn how you can work with Video Igniter to produce custom animations instead of hiring an in-house animator or a production studio?

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