Animated videos are a beautiful, limitless medium.

Video Igniter makes them easy to make.

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Portfolio & Animation Levels

Video Igniter offers animation production services in 4 animation levels. 60-second videos start at $1500; prices are based on the length of your video, the animation level, and where in the production process we're starting from (i.e. do you already have a script or storyboard? Or are we starting from an idea?) Create a free account & fill out a creative brief to start production or get a quote.

  • Animation Level A

    Simple 2D animations involving images sliding across the screen, fading in and out, rotating, etc.

  • Animation Level B

    2D animations involving custom background scenes & simple character animations (i.e. waving arm).

  • Animation Level C

    2D Motion Graphics videos & videos with full character animations

  • Animation Level D

    3D animated videos or videos that mix live action footage & animation.

Not sure which level is right for you? Email us at | 1 (855) Video-Fast

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