Animated videos are a beautiful, limitless medium.

Video Igniter makes them easy to make.

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Portfolio & Animation Levels

Which level of detail is right for you?

To get the best production service and pricing for your video, we've created three pricing tiers that include production of all assets and unlimited revisions (pricing discounts apply if you supply the script and or storyboard).

  • Animation Level A

    Simple 2D animations with images that move across the screen, fade in and out, rotate, etc. (single color backgrounds & no character animation).

  • Animation Level B

    2D animations with custom backgrounds (i.e. kitchen, forest) & simple character animations (i.e. waving arm, winking eye).

  • Animation Level C

    Motion Graphics videos, videos with full character animations, and background scenes that include motion.

Not sure which level is right for you? Email us at | 1 (855) Video-Fast

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