This is The Video Igniter Show where we teach you all the ways you can use video to improve your business. In this episode, you will learn how to calculate your video production budget when hiring Video Igniter to make your custom animated video.

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Video Transcript:

Most videos can be produced for one of Video Igniter's three production tiers which covers the cost of making the visuals, voice over, a licensed soundtrack, and production of the video itself.

If you want to produce something that doesn't fall into one of our standard production tiers, email to discuss the scope of your video project and get a custom price.

So, you are probably wondering: which production tier is right for me?

The $500 per minute tier is primarily designed for making e-learning content. This is the right production tier for you if your video can be made using stock graphics, icons, images, text and simple animations like sliding, rotating, scaling and fading in and out.

We can make few custom graphics for the video as well but we don't want to go overboard because the other two production tiers are for videos that are made using custom 2D graphics.

When making a video, you get to decide whether you want simple visuals or something more complex and detailed ($1000/min vs $2500/min etc.)

Want to Speak With Our Production Team About Your Video Project?

These production rates assume you are providing the storyboard for your video - which includes the script and describes what kind of visuals you want to go along with it.

If you are just providing the idea, concept or talking points for your video and need our help to create the script and storyboard, this service is available in addition to the production tiers (a.k.a. the pricing options listed earlier).

Similarly, if you intend to provide the script and want us to create the storyboard for you, we can do that as well.

Now, we'll run through an example so you can understand how to calculate the production budget for your video.

Let's assume you are providing the script for your video and you want the thousand dollar a minute production tier (a.k.a. "Simple Design").

Your video is one and a half minutes long which brings the total production budget to nineteen hundred, fifty dollars ($1950). And only nine hundred seventy five ($975) to start production.

Want to learn more about the production process? We recommend watching the following videos:

Want us to make an animation for you?


Then, use the online creative brief to describe the video you want us to create for you.