We can make all kinds of custom animations for you. GIFs, 2D animated videos, 3D animated videos, the sky is the limit.

Companies and organizations use Video Igniter to make online/TV ads, educational content, looping GIFs, motion graphics, sales collateral, video infographics, book trailers, Instagram content, startup videos, and more.

Video Igniter was designed to step you through the process of making any kind of original animation or motion graphic you can conceive of - without you needing to know anything about the production process. Video Igniter uses real animators and creatives to produce custom computer animated videos for you. You work with our animators through the Internet. You tell us what you want us to create and what level of production quality you want for your video; we create everything from the script and storyboard through custom art and voiceovers and send you notifications when it is time for you to provide feedback on the assets we create for you. Once everything gets your approval, we animate your video for you.

Start by creating an account here and filling out a creative brief describing your project.

Video Igniter offers different levels of production quality so we can work with clients who have small and large production budgets. To get a quote for your video, visit this page use the questionnaire to describe the video you want us to create.

It takes about 4-8 weeks to make a custom animated video from scratch. Rush delivery options are available if you need your video produced in less than 4 weeks. To inquire about rush delivery pricing, please contact

This page has a series of short videos that explain what the production process is like. The videos also explain how to get ready to start a project if you intend to create your own script or storyboard for the video.

After you create a Video Igniter account and fill out the creative brief describing the video you want us to create, you will see a link in your production dashboard that directs you to PayPal.

You have the option to pay your production budget in full or you can pay 50% up front and 50% upon approval of the final draft of your video.

When using PayPal to checkout, you can make payments using a credit card, debit card or a PayPal account. Alternate payment options are available upon request.

Fixed Pricing means the price we quote you is the price you pay. Some animation studios limit the number of revisions you can request and will add extra costs to your final bill if you ask for too many edits.

We are more interested in ensuring you are 100% happy with the final animation.

The only time additional costs may come up is if you ask us to change an asset that you have already marked as approved or if you decide to extend the length of your video.

Having a script or storyboard prepared before filling out the Video Igniter Creative Brief can fast track production of your video.

When filling out the creative brief, specify whether you are providing the script, the storyboard or if you want us to create them for you. If you want us to start production from your idea/concept, we will include script and storyboard production in your quote; if you are supplying the approved script for your video, we will only include storyboard production with your quote.

All questions can be handled via

When using, there is a live chat box on every page which can be used to instantly connect with the people producing your video.


Initial script drafts can take 1-3 business days and may include preliminary notes on the corresponding visuals.

After reviewing your creative brief and doing any associated research with your project, Video Igniter will develop a draft script (~150 words / minute) and submit it to you for review.

You will receive an email notification with a link to review your script online. If it meets your satisfaction, click the green "Approve Script" button and we will begin drafting your storyboard. If the script needs more work, there a space below your script to type in feedback and send it to us. Most script revisions can be updated by us in less than a day at which point you will again receive a notification that your updated script is ready to review again.


We break down your script sentence by sentence and prepare a storyboard that includes a sketch of each scene along with the corresponding sentence, assets needed to be created for the scene and notes on the action taking place in the scene.

Preparing the initial storyboard can take 1-3 business days. You will receive an email notification when it is ready to review online.

If the storyboard meets your satisfaction, click the green "Approve Storyboard" button and we will move forward producing the voice over, soundtrack, and illustrations for your video. To make edits to the storyboard, simply leave feedback in the textbox below each slide of the storyboard and click the blue "Submit Storyboard Revisions" button. Most storyboards can be revised and updated in less than 24 hours.

Yes. You can download our Storyboard Template and Guide to learn the best practices for creating a storyboard using Microsoft Powerpoint or Keynote.


After your storyboard is approved, we prepare three voice over auditions for your video.

When they are ready to review, you will receive an email notification with a link to listen to the audio samples online.

If you hear the voice you want to use, click the corresponding button to choose Voice Over Artist #1, #2, or #3 and we will get the full voice over recorded.

If you want new auditions, there is a textbox below them to leave feedback telling us how you would like to do things differently.

* Note - low budget projects don't always come with voiceover auditions because of the extra expense; in that case, we will select one voice over artist to record the full voice over track and will email you a link when it's time to review it online.

Yes. When filling out the creative brief for your project, please let us know in the comment box that you want to provide your own voice over and we will be sure to collect it from you before we move forward with animating your video.

If you need to record the voice over yourself and don't have professional recording equipment, you *could* get away with putting a blanket over you and your laptop and recording directly into your laptop's built in microphone. The blanket helps focus the sound and keep out background noise.

This wouldn't be our preferred method but we know many startups that have great sounding voice overs in their video thanks to this technique.


We select three soundtracks that suit the mood for your video and send you an email notification with a direct link to listen to them online.

If you hear one you love, click the corresponding 'Select this Soundtrack' button and we'll ensure the proper license is acquired so that it can be used in your video. If you aren't loving any of the tracks selected for you, there is a feedback box on the same page to let us know what other kinds of tracks you would like us to select for you. We will send you new soundtracks within one business day.

Yes. You can upload it when filling out the cerative brief for your video or you can upload it later in the production process by clicking on the "Upload Asset" button in the navigation bar for your video project.


After your storyboard is approved, our art director oversees the creation of concept art for your video. You will receive an email notification with a direct link to review the sample(s) online. We ask that you leave detailed feedback describing your feelings toward each design sample and then click the "Submit Design Feedback" button.

Our art director reviews your notes and then oversees production of all the custom art for your video. This can take anywhere from 2 days to a week or more depending on the length and complexity of your video. You will receive another email notification when all the art is ready for you to review.

You can type in feedback below each image to let us know if you would like us to make any changes to it and then send the feedback to us by clicking the "Submit Design Revisions" button; we will then update the images according to your feedback and send you an email notification when the new art is ready for you to review. When all the art meets your approval, click the green "Approve Designs" button and we will begin animating your video.

Yes. Please email your art to so that we can review it and ensure it will be compatible with your video project and production style.


Once all your assets (voice over, soundtrack and illustrations) are approved, we animate. Animation tends to take 1 week per minute of video we are animating.

When it's ready to review, we'll send you an email notification with a direct link to review your video online. Below your video is a text box to collect your feedback.

The easiest way to organize your feedback is to say which time it occurs at (i.e. From 0-5 Seconds: Make the wheel spin slower. At 10 seconds: Make the character walk off screen sooner. etc.). When all your feedback is consolidated, click the "Submit Feedback Button" and we will edit your video accordingly.

If the video requires no further edits, click the "Approve Video" button. When your video is approved, we will send you a final invoice for your video project if it wasn't already paid in full. We will then send you the unwatermarked version of your video along with a complete project archive that includes all the assets that were used to make your video.

If your video is lengthy and complex, we will send you an animatic so you can review an early rough draft of your video and ensure the details and timing seem right before we move forward with the more detailed aspects of animating your video.


No, when we quote you a fixed-cost, that's the price for unlimited revisions on all assets until you mark them as approved. The only time extra costs may occur is if you ask us to revise assets that you have already marked as approved or if you decide to extend the length of your video.

The two things you can do to get the quickest production experience are:

1). Create your own script and storyboard (instead of having us create them).

2). When we send you email notifications to let you know new assets have been created and are ready for you to review, the sooner you send us feedback, the sooner we can move your project forward through the production pipeline.

When logged in to your Video Igniter Dashboard, click on the large colored box with the name of the project we are currently producing for you and then click on the "Upload Asset" icon in the navigation bar. That page contains an upload button which you can use to send us any extra assets we may need for production.

Yes - if you provide it. We do not go out and film.

We make a lot of videos for agencies, businesses and startups. We've also done projects for T-Mobile, Linkedin, Ricoh, Extreme Reach, and Snoop Dogg's

After you click "Approve Video" on you final draft, we will send you a final invoice for your project if it wasn't already paid in full. We then send you a complete project archive including all assets used to make your video.

Yes. You will get a project archive containing all the assets used to make your video. If you want to repurpose some of the assets used in the video on your website, print media or elsewhere - you can.

Yes. Just specify your needs when filling out the creative brief for your video or tell us any time during or after the production process and we'll ensure you get what you need in the proper file format.