Here are the steps to get your video project started if you intend to provide the basic idea and want us to create the script and storyboard before we proceed with creating your animated video.

1). Watch the video above, it tells you what basic information we need to receive from you in order to create a script and storyboard for your video.
2). Create your Video Igniter account here.
3). Fill out the creative brief for your video.

4). Save your creative brief, pay 50% of your production budget and then we start making your video.

To learn more about the production process, scroll down and watch the next video to see an overview of the rest of the animated video production process.

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Video Transcript:

If you just have the idea for a video you want to make, we can help you make the script and storyboard so the production team knows what to make.

All you need to do is document the main bullet points that need to be communicated in your video.

And include any conceptual notes you may have about the visual presentation.

When you fill out the questionnaire to start a new video project, paste in your list, save the project, and pay half of your video's production budget.

Want to Speak With Our Production Team About Your Video Project?

You will receive an email notification with a link when your script is ready to review.

If you are satisfied with your script, click the approve button, and we will start making your storyboard.

Otherwise, if you would like us to revise your script, type your feedback in this box here, and send it off to use.

You will receive another email notification when the next draft of your script is ready.

Want to learn more about the production process? We recommend watching the following videos:

Ready to get your video project started?


Then, use the online creative brief to describe the video you want us to create for you.