Curious to see what kind of production quality you can get for your budget?

By answering these questions, we can pick out some production examples that show you how amazing we can make your video look for your budget. If you can find someone who does higher quality work for less, we'll beat their rate.

First thing's first - please describe the video(s) you want us to create:

Who is making the script & storyboard for your video?

Not sure how to create a script or storyboard? This guide explains how to create your script and this one explains how to create a storyboard.

Does your video need a voice over?

Do you want your video to be 100% custom designed or do you want us to use stock assets/designs to help lower your production budget?

You can get lower pricing if you just want 1 round of edits or you can pay 10% extra for unlimited revisions. If you request more than 1 rounds of edits, the extra work will be added to the final total for your production budget.

How long is your video? (If your script is 150 words long, your video will be about 60 seconds long).

What is your deadline?

What is your budget range?

Is there a particular visual style you want us to use for your video? Feel free to paste in links to images or videos that you want us to use as design inspiration.

We can optimize your budget if you tell us which production details matter most to you.

Other comments? Do you need your video translated? Want to request special edits of your video? Need help editing, promoting, hosting, optimizing your video, etc? Let us know if you have any special requests.

Which email address should our team send your production budget proposal to?


Alternate Contact Methods: 1(855)VIDEO-FAST &